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White Chateau - Owensboro, KY Wedding Photography - Alex + Adam-6

White Chateau – Owensboro, KY Wedding Photography | Alex + Adam

White Chateau at Cecil Farms | Owensboro, KY

Alex and Adam held their wedding and reception at the White Chateau in Owensboro, KY on May 30th, 2021.

The weather was perfect for the occasion, the previous few days had been a cold snap but it turned around just in time for their big day.

I first want to say congratulations to Alex and Adam, your wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was an honor to capture all of your memories on your special day.

This was the first time that I had been to the White Chateau but I certainly hope that it’s not my last.

This venue is gorgeous and goes great with my style of photography.

Getting Ready, Details, and First Look

When I first arrived everyone was still getting ready so I started taking detail shots of the venue and decorations.

I was then able to get some photos of Alex getting hair and make-up done as well as some getting ready shots of both her and Adam separately.

Alex wanted a first look with her father but wanted his genuine reaction, so we had his wife trick him into coming outside where Alex and I were waiting for him.

It was a sweet moment between a father and daughter that brought tears to both of them.

Alex’s father had a handkerchief that had “No ugly crying” embroidered on it, and I was able to capture a perfect moment while he was showing it to me for a picture of it, Alex was wiping away his tears with her hand.

I love capturing moments like these in real-time with no planning, every once in a while it works out better than you could have ever planned it.

The Ceremony

Adam and Alex had an outdoor wedding ceremony just off the patio of the main building.

Rows of white chairs in the grass facing a wooden arch that is adorned with real flowers.

It could have been a scene straight out of a Lifetime movie, it was absolutely stunning!

Alex had both her father and her mother walk her down the aisle and give her away to Adam.

There were a few memorable moments from the ceremony that stood out to me.

One was when a dog from Cecil Farms walked behind the bridal party and arch and started sniffing the back of the best man’s leg, that is certainly a first for me.

The second was when Adam and Alex said their vows to each other, they almost whispered them to each other, it was a very cute moment to witness.

The Reception

Immediately following the wedding ceremony was the wedding reception.

Alex and Adam chose to have a first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance.

There was also a moment of looking under chairs for a special ticket, surprise, there was no ticket. ;-)

There was then a game that included married couples dancing that ended with the couple that had been married the longest, the winning couple was Adam’s parents.

There was a game of Cornhole set up outside, plenty of drinks to go around, and music inside for those who felt the urge to dance.

Everyone was having a great time and it was fun to be a part of the family for the day.

Towards the end of the reception, Alex and Adam cut their cake.

There was no smashing it into each other’s face like most younger newlyweds, they fed each other with forks like they had already been married for 10 years and this was their anniversary party.

Finishing Thoughts

It was an honor to be a small part of Alex and Adam’s big day.

I felt like I was part of the family the entire day and everyone couldn’t have been nicer and more accomodating.

The love that Adam and Alex have for each other was easy to see.

As the wedding photographer, I spend the most amount of time with the couple on the wedding day, and not once did I see anything except pure bliss for each other.

I wish nothing but the best for these two kids on their journey through life together!

Below are the sneak peek images from Alex and Adam’s wedding day, they are low-resolution versions to help the page load faster.

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