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The Hidden Homestead - Smiths Grove, KY Wedding Photography - Bailee + Cierra - Keepsake Wedding Photography-7

The Hidden Homestead – Smiths Grove, KY Wedding Photography | Bailee + Cierra

The Hidden Homestead | Smiths Grove, KY

Bailee and Cierra held their wedding ceremony and reception at The Hidden Homestead in Smiths Grove, KY on October 23, 2021.

I first want to say congratulations to the newlyweds. Your wedding ceremony and reception were so beautiful, and it was an absolute honor and privilege to capture your memories!

This was the first time that we have had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at The Hidden Homestead, but I certainly hope it’s not our last.

The entire venue was stunning and it was so easy to get amazing photos.

We also worked side by side with a great team of videographers at Bluegrass Imaging throughout the entire wedding day. We highly recommend them for your big day!

Getting Ready and Details

The venue has a small home just down the road from the main venue where everyone would be getting ready.

While keeping Bailee and Cierra from seeing each other until their first look, we were able to get some great getting ready images of both of them.

We also went to the main venue to get some flat lay images as well as the dresses hanging from the arbor where the ceremony would later take place.

There were quite a few gifts exchanged while everyone was getting ready. This brought quite a few intimate moments and tears that followed.

The First Looks

Cierra and Bailee had planned on having a first look between the two of them, but they also planned other first looks to follow.

There were a total of six first looks, a new record for us. It will probably take some time before it is ever broken, if it is ever broken.

We chose to have the first looks behind the big barn doors towards the back of the venue. This proved to be a great choice for many reasons.

It had started to rain just as we were about to do the first look between Bailee and Cierra and there was a roof over this part of the patio shielding them from the weather.

It also provided a grand reveal each time we opened the big barn doors before the next first look would take place. It certainly added to the suspense of the moment that would soon happen.

Every first look was intimate and beautiful in its own separate way, each of them provided us a great opportunity to capture raw emotions and beautiful candid moments that will certainly be cherished for generations to come.

The Ceremony

Bailee and Cierra’s wedding ceremony was held just as the sun was setting and there was a great ambiance that was created that night.

There was another grand reveal from the big barn doors to introduce Cierra and Bailee to their friends and family in attendance.

The wedding ceremony was very intimate and sweet. The string lights that were hung from the barn to the arbor provided just enough light to set the mood for this beautiful moment.

Immediately following the wedding ceremony was the wedding reception.

The Reception

The speeches during the reception were quite memorable with moments of laughter and tears shared by many.

While cutting the cake and feeding each other a small piece, they both smashed it in each other’s faces. However, there was minimal cleanup required afterward.

The newlyweds had their first dance together before each of them had a father and daughter dance.

There was a sparkler exit for Bailee and Cierra with all of their guests. As Cierra and Bailee reached the middle of the line, they stopped and performed a dipped kiss.

Finishing Thoughts

It was an honor to be a small part of Bailee and Cierra’s big day.

After spending a lot of time with each of them throughout their wedding day, their love for each other seems as if they have already been married for 10 years.

They are very comfortable in the presence of each other, and their love is easily seen by just spending a few moments with them.

We wish nothing but the best for you two during your journey through life together.

Below is the sneak peek images from their wedding day, they are low-resolution versions to help the page load faster.

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