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St Stephen Cathedral - Owensboro, KY Wedding Photography - Emily + Jacob-5

St Stephen Cathedral – Owensboro, KY Wedding Photography | Emily + Jacob

Saint Stephen Cathedral | Owensboro, KY

Emily and Jacob held their wedding ceremony at St Stephen Cathedral in Owensboro, KY on May 15th, 2021.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding, it was mostly cloudy and overcast skies for most of the day.

However, it did start to rain later in the day, but thankfully I was already finished with my photography coverage and heading home at that point.

I first want to say congratulations to Emily and Jacob, you had a beautiful wedding and it was an honor to be a small part of your big day.

First Look

Jacob and Emily wanted to have a true first look before the wedding, they chose to do their first look at the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden, this is also the location that they would hold their wedding reception later that day.

I arrived a little early at the Botanical Garden because I wanted to find a good location for their first look. It was going to happen at noon, and even though it was overcast, the sun would still play a major role in deciding the right location.

Because the clouds weren’t consistent and we were getting bright sun and then darker clouds, I decided it would be best to have their first look under the gazebo.

As I was talking to Jacob because he arrived first, Emily started to pull up and I reminded Jacob to look away so as not to ruin their first look.

I then took Jacob into the Botanical Garden and positioned him under the gazebo, I then returned to get Emily and bring her to Jacob.

I quickly got different angles of them standing in anticipation and then let them have their special moment together.

While we were at the Botanical Garden, we went ahead and took some romantic pictures of Emily and Jacob before traveling to the cathedral.

The Ceremony

After taking some pictures at the Botanical Garden, we then traveled to the cathedral where the ceremony would take place.

The St Stephen Cathedral is an amazing location to have a wedding. The building is very large and accommodating, plus the design and architectural visuals are breathtaking.

This was my first full catholic mass wedding ceremony and I truly appreciate the opportunity as well as the experience that it provided.

Jacob and Emily’s ceremony was very sweet, they were constantly smiling at each other and fully focused on one another.

After experiencing a full catholic wedding, I believe there are some aspects of the way it is done that truly make the wedding ceremony a special event.

The bride and groom being seated up near the priest and the length of the overall ceremony slows things down and reminds us that this is something very special taking place and there is no need to rush through it.

Thankfully, I had a longer zoom lens which allowed me to stay further back and still get all the action.

After the ceremony, we went back into the cathedral to take a few images before heading back to the Botanical Garden for the reception.

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden | Owensboro, KY

Emily and Jacob held their wedding reception at the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden. This is also the location they chose for their engagement session in August of 2020.

The Botanical Garden was beautiful in August of last year, but with everything in bloom, everywhere you looked was a great place to take a picture.

There were more clouds at this time and the sun was further down in the sky, which created a great condition for taking pictures as well.

We decided to take some more romantic images of Jacob and Emily before doing family portraits, the first dance, and cake cutting.

Emily and Jacob are such a cute couple, it’s hard to take a bad image of these two which made it really easy for me.

I will also say, these two must be watching the Matrix movies constantly. Their quick reactions and dodging skills were on full display when they cut the cake and went to feed each other.

The cake ended up on the wall, the floor, and I’m sure many other places, but very little actually ended up on Jacob or Emily.

Finishing Thoughts

It was an honor to go through the entire wedding photography experience with Jacob and Emily.

From their engagement session to the wedding day, it was a privilege to get to know both of them and experience their special moments together.

These two are constantly smiling at each other and their love for each other is easy to see.

Below are the sneak peek images from Emily and Jacob’s wedding day, they are low-resolution versions to help the page load faster.

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4 thoughts on “St Stephen Cathedral – Owensboro, KY Wedding Photography | Emily + Jacob”

  1. Wilma Stallings

    These pictures are amazing. He did such a wonderful job. If anyone needs pictures, I would trust him to do a great job. THANKS

  2. As the mother of the bride. I think it was the most beautiful wedding ever.I can’t thank you enough fir the amazing job you did with the photos. You had your hands full that’s for sure, but you captured the happiest day bin my daughters life so perfectly, you can see how happy and in love they are even if you didn’t know them, your art and dedication not only shows skills as a photographer but you were able to capture the emotion of this wonderful day. I can’t thank you enough and would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting more then just great photos

    1. Keepsake Wedding Photography

      Hi Kicky, it means a lot to hear that coming from you, I truly appreciate it! You’re very welcome and I can’t wait for everyone to see the full gallery.

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