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Mahr Park Arboretum - Madisonville, KY Wedding Photography - Kelly + Kyle-10

Mahr Park Arboretum Event Barn – Madisonville, KY Wedding Photography | Kelly + Kyle

Mahr Park Arboretum Event Barn | Madisonville, KY

Kelly and Kyle had their wedding ceremony and reception at the Mahr Park Arboretum Event Barn in Madisonville, KY on May 8th, 2021.

Leading up to the wedding day, the weather forecast kept changing but steadily predicted that it would rain most of the afternoon.

Kelly and Kyle originally wanted to have their wedding ceremony outside on the back patio, but due to the unpredictable weather, they decided to move everything inside the Event Barn.

The weather ended up holding steady and only briefly sprinkled rain for approximately 45 minutes that afternoon.

I first want to say congratulations to the newlyweds!

This was the first wedding ever to take place in the new Event Barn and it was an honor to be a small part of it.

Getting Ready & First Look

I started my coverage by taking pictures of all the details that I could.

Kyle then arrived with his two twin boys Kash & Kole, I then switched to taking getting ready images of Kyle and the boys.

All three of them were dressed in blue suits and brown shoes, a very stylish look and a great choice.

After Kyle was done getting ready, I then went to take images of Kelly getting ready.

Her mother was helping her get into her dress which was absolutely stunning.

Kelly then had a First Look with her father and gave a gift to both her father and mother. It was a touching moment that I was honored to capture.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place next to an alter that Kyle had built himself.

I originally thought that it was the venue’s alter because it was so well done, Kyle really did a great job building it.

Kelly and Kyle decided not to have a best man or maid of honor and instead had Kash & Kole stand beside them, one on each side. They each had one ring that they provided to Kelly and Kyle when it was time.

The ceremony was very sweet and had many guests reaching for a tissue.

The Reception

The wedding reception was held inside the Event Barn as well.

Kyle and Kelly’s first dance during the reception was truly the first dance between the two of them, they did a great job nevertheless.

Kelly then danced with her father, it was an emotional moment for many in the room.

Kyle and Kelly’s cake cutting went much smoother than most. Many times, the bride and groom end up shoving cake in each other’s face, usually getting cake everywhere. It’s usually very fun to witness the chaos.

They both decided that they were going to be much gentler than most and simply feed each other a small piece of cake, you could truly see a deep level of respect and love that they have for each other.

Just Married Pictures

After it stopped raining, we were able to go outside and take some pictures of just the bride and groom.

This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. It allows me to get creative and truly show the love that the couple has for each other. Most of the wedding day, I like to play more of a documentary role, capturing events as they happen, trying to get great candid images. This part of the day is much more posed and creative.

Kelly and Kyle did not disappoint, they were game for everything that I threw at them.

Because it was the very first wedding at the new Event Barn, I asked Kelly and Kyle if I could stay longer and get more images of them and the venue.

They graciously said yes, this allowed me to try and get some more creative shots including the darker image below with just the venue lights behind them. I truly appreciate them allowing me to stay and giving me the opportunity to try some new things.

Finishing Thoughts

The first wedding at the Mahr Park Arboretum Event Barn certainly did not disappoint.

From the small details, DJ, catered meal, homemade alter, stylish suits, stunning dress, and most importantly this cute couple. The first wedding at the new Event Barn definitely sets the bar pretty high.

I have no doubt that many brides to be will look at your images with great anticipation of their wedding day, earning to have something similar.

The love that Kyle and Kelly have for each other doesn’t hide or take any breaks, it’s very easy to see.

Below are the Sneak Peek images from Kelly and Kyle’s wedding day, they are low-resolution versions to help the page load faster.

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