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Island Ford Baptist Church - Madisonville, KY Wedding Photography - Anna + Caleb-6

Madisonville Wedding Photography | Madisonville, KY | Anna + Caleb

Island Ford Baptist Church | Madisonville, KY

Anna and Caleb’s wedding was held at Island Ford Baptist Church in Madisonville, KY on January 16th, 2021.

It was Keepsake Wedding Photography‘s first wedding of the new year and we kicked it off with a very good start!

First I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to the newlyweds!

To Anna and Caleb, I wish you health, happiness, and wealth.

Getting Ready

I started with taking detailed shots of the rings, bouquet, and boutonniere.

I was later able to capture Anna changing out her necklace to one that is precious to her and the family.

Anna then presented a personalized handkerchief to each of her parents, as well as Caleb’s.

Those moments were heartfelt and a joy to capture.

First Look

Not all couples want a First Look, but Anna and Caleb knew that they did.

Anna and Caleb’s First Look was very endearing!!

I remember Caleb showing me the envelope that he had for Anna as I could see her over his shoulder, waiting in anticipation.

Anna walked up behind Caleb and touched him on the shoulder.

Caleb turned around and was in awe of his beautiful Bride.

Anna and Caleb then exchanged the letters that they had written for each other.

While reading the letters, it was easy to see the love that they share.

The Ceremony

Before the Ceremony started, Anna went into hiding from the guests.

The last few images that I captured before the Ceremony was of the preacher and his wife praying first with Anna and then again with Caleb.

There were a few surprises during the Ceremony, both of which I was told about beforehand by Anna.

The first surprise was when the normal Bridal Chorus started, instead of Anna walking down the aisle, she waited.

The Bridal Chorus transitioned into a recording of Anna singing, that was her cue to walk down the aisle.

The look on Caleb’s face during this time was priceless, to say the least.

The second surprise was when they received breath mints from the Best Man before their First Kiss.

You could have probably heard the laughter from the guests down the street.

Finishing Thoughts

Anna and Caleb are a very sweet couple!! Their love for each other is just as strong as their faith.

I felt like I was a part of the family the entire day.

I had an extremely fun time capturing the love that they have for each other and I wish them nothing but the best.

Below are the Sneak Peek images from Anna and Caleb’s Wedding Day.

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4 thoughts on “Madisonville Wedding Photography | Madisonville, KY | Anna + Caleb”

  1. These are so beautiful!! My favorite part of the Day was probably when he was surprised with the song walking down the aisle. Priceless!

    1. Keepsake Wedding Photography

      Thank you! Yes, I can’t wait for everyone to see Caleb’s reaction when the full gallery is released. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these! My husband was so sick the day before, I missed all of Anna’s preparations plus the wedding day fun things abd for grandmother, that is sad…. but thanks to your writing plus pictured now to come I can enjoy a bit after all – Gods good and He allowed us to be at the wedding and now this… thank you – you did an amazing job for Anna and Caleb! ~Brenda Hall

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