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Henderson, KY Wedding Photographer

You need a wedding photographer in Henderson, Kentucky.

You recently got engaged and are starting the process of planning your wedding.

Congratulations to both of you!!

According to an internal study of almost 27,000 couples on The Knot in 2019.

Almost 90 percent of couples hired a wedding photographer.

Making them one of the most popular wedding vendors used on a wedding day.

According to that very same study…

A wedding photographer’s style was the most important factor in who they hired.

Our Wedding Photography Style

Digital Photography vs Film Photography

There are many different styles to choose from.

But, the first thing to choose is whether your photos will be on digital or film.

We shoot all our engagement sessions and weddings using digital cameras.

This allows us to use modern technology to aid us to get the most consistent final product possible.

Using digital cameras also reduces the total cost to you, the couple.

As well as being able to have a quicker turnaround time compared to film.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to use film.

But we love to use digital cameras for the above reasons.

Documentary Wedding Photography

How a wedding photographer captures the images is the next thing to consider.

We choose to use the Documentary Wedding Photography style.

This style is also referred to as Candid or Photojournalism.

This style allows for capturing more of a candid or spontaneous moment.

Instead of spending a lot of time posing and setting up stylized images.

Of course, there are still posed images throughout the day when using this style.

You can’t capture everything you would like to while using this style.

Most people are not professional models and need help when it comes to posing.

We help couples pose to get images that otherwise would be impossible without doing so.

Some of those classic images are hard to capture or they don’t happen at all.

This is when we use posing the most, to help get those classic images.

Light & Airy Wedding Photography

How a wedding photographer edits their images also plays a major role in how the final product will look.

We prefer to edit in a Light & Airy style.

This produces a bright image.

It focuses on the highlights, with lower contrast, and lighter shadows than normal.

Some photographers choose to desaturate the colors of the image to get this effect.

Which makes the colors look unnatural and weird.

I know that I wouldn’t want wedding images that would look weird in 10 or 20 years.

Yet, the way we edit our images does not desaturate the colors.

We like to get our colors as close as possible to what it actually looked like when we took the picture.

Only lighter and brighter to get that Light and Airy effect.

Dramatic & Moody Wedding Photography

Although we prefer to edit in a Light & Airy style, not every image allows for this type of edit.

Some images don’t look right no matter how hard you try to edit them using a Light & Airy style.

When this is the case, we edit the image in a Dramatic & Moody style.

This produces a darker image.

It focuses on the shadows, with higher contrast, and darker than normal shadows.

Once again, we don’t desaturate the colors when doing this.

Less than 10 percent of our images use the Dramatic & Moody style.

Henderson, KY Engagement Photographer

We also offer engagement photography services in Henderson, Kentucky.

Our traditional wedding packages include a complimentary 1 hour engagement session.

If you would like more time for your engagement session, you are more than welcome to do so at an added cost.

Whether you want a lot of outfits…

Different locations…

Nature, downtown, or industrial for your engagement session, we have you covered.

If you would like to schedule an engagement session outside of a wedding package, we can do that as well.

Planning a Wedding in Henderson, KY

We know that planning your wedding is going to be a stressful process.

There are so many things that have to get discussed…

There are so many options…

Everything has to get planned, and scheduled…

The last thing you want is a lot of surprises on your wedding day.

Because of this, we have decided to take care of some of the planning for you.

Below you will find a list of different wedding vendors that serve Henderson, KY.

We know this isn’t a complete list of all the vendors.

But, we hope this will at least give you a jump-start on planning your wedding.

All the wedding vendor links below will open in a new tab for your convenience.

Are you a wedding vendor that serves Henderson, Kentucky?

If you don’t see your business listed below, please contact us with your business info.

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