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Farmer and Frenchman - Henderson, KY Engagement Session - Emalee + Seth-4

Farmer & Frenchman Winery – Henderson, KY Engagement Photography | Emalee + Seth

Farmer & Frenchman Winery | Henderson, KY

Emalee and Seth chose to have their engagement session at the Farmer & Frenchman Winery in Henderson, KY on April 25th, 2021.

We got lucky with the weather because it proceeded to rain the entire previous day.

This was not only the first time that I had been to Farmer & Frenchman Winery, but it was also the first time meeting Emalee and Seth.

I always advise my couples to have an engagement session, this not only gets you more great images, but it also allows you to meet your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Weddings are already stressful enough, no need to add even more stress than what there is already going to be.

The Engagement Session

We first started towards the back of the property where they have a beautiful row of trees lining the drive. This gave me an opportunity to get them walking and moving to loosen up and feel more comfortable while I was still further away.

We then moved to the front of the barn where Emalee and Seth proceeded to have a glass of wine while sitting on the steps, it looked like a scene straight out of a Lifetime movie. This also gave me time to be a little further away and get a lot of different angles while their focus was on each other.

Towards the middle of the shoot, we were on the back deck of the restaurant, where Seth was playing his guitar to serenade Emalee. This was a first for me, but there are certainly no complaints, Seth was very talented indeed.

By the end of the shoot, Emalee and Seth seemed very comfortable in front of the camera and we were all having a great time. Seth and Emalee finished the engagement session sitting on a blanket in the grass overlooking the vineyard and drinking the rest of the wine they had brought.

It was a poetic scene, it almost felt as if I wasn’t even there and these two lovebirds were just on a special picnic date.

Finishing Thoughts

Emalee and Seth have a deep love for each other, it’s certainly easy to see.

I absolutely cannot wait until September when they get married at this same venue.

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