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Farmer and Frenchman - Henderson, KY Wedding Photography - Emalee + Seth-3

Farmer & Frenchman – Henderson, KY Wedding Photography | Emalee + Seth

Farmer & Frenchman | Henderson, KY

Emalee and Seth had their wedding ceremony and wedding reception at Farmer & Frenchman in Henderson, KY on September 18th, 2021.

It was a beautiful day to have a wedding! Cloudy skies were the forecast for the day with minimal chances of rain.

The kind of clouds that give you beautiful sunsets in the evening. We were certainly not disappointed with the sunset that came to us that night.

I want to first say congratulations to the newlyweds!

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful and unique, it was an honor to be a small part of your big day! We truly appreciate the opportunity to capture your memories and spend time with you, it was our pleasure!

Getting Ready

Emalee and Seth were staying at the venue and would be getting ready in two separate cabins.

We spent our time taking the dress to the ceremony location and going back and forth between the two cabins to capturing the couple getting ready for the big day.

Emalee’s dress was completely custom-made by a close friend to turn a dress that she liked into a dress that she loved.

It certainly is custom and unique, but that is who Seth and Emalee are to their core. Custom and unique, we absolutely loved that about them!

Seth’s children, Daimhin and Melissa (Lissy), helped Emalee and Seth get ready as well. There were some very sweet moments of them captured during this process.

First Look and Family Portraits

Because there were a lot of clouds in the sky, we kept getting harsh sunlight and then nice diffused light from clouds. But because it wasn’t consistent, we chose to do the first look and family portraits on the backside of the barn where there was plenty of shade.

Seth and Emalee had a cute moment during their first look that I will keep a secret between us. It’s good to have inside jokes and leave some things unsaid.

After their first look, we went straight into family portraits, which the couple wanted to complete as much as possible before the ceremony so there was more time for interacting with their guests.

The Ceremony

The seats were quite full of family and friends who came to witness the love that these two have for each other.

Emalee and Seth played rock-paper-scissors to decide who would say their vows first, Seth lost and had to read his first.

Seth comically wrote his vows on a long scroll as a joke, which when unrolled, was approximately three feet in length.

The wedding ceremony was mostly filled with laughter which would occasionally get broken by touching moments between the couple.

After their first kiss, they joyously came back down the aisle before starting to skip the rest of the way to the end.

Immediately after the ceremony, we took some romantic pictures of the two of them in the vineyard before heading to the reception.

The Reception

Emalee and Seth made their entrance to the reception and went straight into their first dance, which was then followed by the father-daughter dance, and mother-son dances.

After eating, we went outside to get some sunset pictures. The sunset that night was beyond beautiful, the sky was filled with clouds that were mostly pink and magenta in color. We hope our photos convey the beauty that was on display that night, it was spectacular to see in person.

The rest of the night was filled with dancing from the couple and their guests. Everyone was active on the dancefloor and it was a great vibe throughout the entire barn.

From two-year-old kids, all the way up to grandparents were cutting loose on the dancefloor and having a great time.

Finishing Thoughts

This was our first opportunity to shoot a wedding at the Farmer & Frenchman, it is such a great venue and we can’t wait to come back again.

Seth and Emalee are so unique! We had the opportunity and pleasure to not only shoot their engagement but their wedding as well.

Every moment we spent with them was fun and genuine, they are who they are, and they don’t try to be anyone else.

It was refreshing and a pleasure to spend time with these two crazy kids, we wish you nothing but the best on your journey through life together!

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